Recap: Sub Rosa Session #30

Sunday, June 19th, marked the date of this month’s Sub Rosa Session. The performers for the night were the wonderful Jess Novak and the powerful Allie Fox & The Ivory Tower.

Jess Novak impressed the audience with her multi-instrumental ability combined with her smooth and honest voice. The first song of the night, “I’d Rather Be With You“, quickly displayed her wide range of talents. She began by strumming some guitar chords which she saved into her loop guitar pedal. Throughout the rest of the song these chords played. Atop this she played another guitar part and sang, until partway through when she put down the guitar and played a fiddle solo. It resulted in a sound so full (and with enough different instruments) to have been a band. The rest of Jess’ set was equally impressive, featuring piano ballads alongside the acoustic songs.

Following Jess’ set there was a brief break. In typical Sub Rosa fashion there were hors d’oeuvres and wine for the audience to enjoy while they mingled. When they returned they were treated to a performance by Allie Fox & The Ivory Tower.

Allie Fox & The Ivory Tower performed as a two-piece for the intimate setting. The songs featured Allie Fox’s folky acoustic guitar and sincere vocals accented by the melodic bass lines of her husband, Adam Fox. Each of the 9 songs grasped the audience’s attention as they came and went. Allie Fox shared some stories between songs about her experiences and history with her music. One of the most sincere performances of the night was “Standstill“. Before the song Allie told a story about her father sending her lyrics in an email, “Standstill” was the result. It was an emotional moment considering Sub Rosa fell on Father’s Day.

Overall it was a fun and successful night. The Sub Rosa setting once again offered two unique and intimate performances. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on next month’s Sub Rosa Session. Until then, listen to this recording of Jess Novak playing “Captivated” live at Sub Rosa #30:

Recap: Sub Rosa Session #30