Truth Speaker Pays Homage to a Hip Hop Great for a Greater Cause

March 9th marked the 19th anniversary of legendary New York emcee Notorious B.I.G.’s tragic passing. Millions of fans have been flooding the internet with words of respect and various tributes dedicated to the late rapper. One Syracuse artist is paying homage while bringing awareness to a rare disease. Last week Freeborn Music Productions’ Truth Speaker released “Long Live the King”, a remix to Biggie’s classic “One More Chance”. His lyrics detail the journey of Baby King, a two-year-old diagnosed with a rare immunodeficiency disease known as CD40. King receives monthly treatments at SUNY Upstate’s Cancer Center in hopes of finding a bone marrow donor, but locating a match for the transplant is much easier said than done. According to,patients in the US have a 30% chance of finding a match.


Detroit’s legendary DJ Lenn Swann scratches over the classic instrumental, giving “Long Live the King” a fresh yet nostalgic vibe. Truth expresses his support for King’s fight with lines like “Baby brother best believe I rock with you/ Because I feel your pain” and “A positive match is all the young’n needs”. The lyrics also show the love King has received from familiar faces throughout the Syracuse community, including former Orangeman Scoop Jardine. Later on in the track Truth Speaker delivers a stream of consciousness as he envisions future possible career paths for the toddler: “King the ‘lectrician, King the technician/ King the mathematician, King the musician”.


Truth Speaker’s positive call to action reminds us of the unifying potential of hip hop and local music in general, though it’s clear the young rapper’s support for King extends well beyond the music. Look out for “Long Live the King” on Truth Speaker’s upcoming project, SoulFoodDaMixtape. Click here for more info about the bone marrow registry. To learn more about bone marrow drives or to host one call Paula Miller at 315-476-3000 ext. 2576 or email

Truth Speaker Pays Homage to a Hip Hop Great for a Greater Cause

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Headed by Steve Brown, SubCat is proud to announce the opening of Studio C! Studio C provides services at a reduced rate to foster budding talent and encourage their first steps towards building a music presence – be it hobby or professional.

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  • Pro tools 11
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Mac Pro 2015
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Studio C makes the pro-studio experience accessible to emerging artists and first time studio-goers. It supplies freelance engineers with a space to hone their skills, and allows seasoned vets the chance to perfect their projects in a relaxed environment. Its video services are especially beneficial in Central New York’s relatively untapped market. Even better, clients have access to a goldmine of industry connections. We guarantee a positive experience in Studio C.

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C the Light