Community Guidelines

SubCat’s Cradle is a space that invites creativity and opinions from all sides of the ideological spectrum.  Feedback, discussions, and disagreements are encouraged; after all, the exchange of ideas fuels progress. We want all members of our community to feel safe and confident enough to express their opinions. That being said, here are a few ground rules:

  • Conduct discussions in a civil, respectable manner.
  • Personal attacks, threats, and harassments will not be tolerated.
  • Culturally insensitive material will not be tolerated. This includes material that debases any race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, or disability. 
  • Do not post copyright-protected material without permission from its respective owners.
  • Do not spam our community with links soliciting goods or services unrelated to our posts, junk material such as chain messages, and trolling.
  • Excessive links soliciting goods or services related to our posts will be moderated or deleted.
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